Amy Garrison is a reporter for Channel 6 news.

Initial EraEdit

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Amy Garrison

In the Initial Era, Amy is reporting the news from Northwater Woods (in Sprinkles Volume 1, Number 15) when we meet her for the first time. She informs her audience that the superhero team D.O.P.E. were investigating a series of murders and maimings in these woods when they themselves were brutally beaten and injured. The main four members of D.O.P.E. are critically injured and in Quadropolis General Hospital. Amy also reports that the killer's identity is known - he's Sprinkles the moose and he has an unnamed human accomplice. The Quadropolis police department is offering a $10,000 reward for him, dead or alive.

During her live broadcast, Sprinkles jumps out from the brush and kills her and her camera man, slicing her neck with a knife, and stabbing him in the eye.