Barry Divo

Barry Divo is the real name of Flambé, a superhero member of D.O.P.E. Barry is an openly (and flamboyantly) gay man, in his 20s. He is obsessed with his appearance, but when he becomes Flambé, he loses both his hair and his clothing. Barry has been friends with Paul Rockwell, Lucas Spitz, and Vinny Mariano since at least high school. They all became superheroes in the same incident.

‍First AppearanceEdit

Barry first appears (in the Current Era) in D.O.P.E. Volume 2, Number 1.

Character BiographyEdit

Note: For Barry's biography after he became Flambé, see the Flambé page.

Prior to becoming Flambé, Barry's last boyfriend was Jerome. Vinny joked with Barry that Jerome told him that he liked it "hard and fast and flipped over". Barry responded that Jerome was not that way; he liked to take things slow. (D.O.P.E. Volume 2, Number 1)