Biscuit is Sprinkles's pet brain in a jar. BISC

Initial EraEdit

In the Initial Era, Biscuit first appears in Short Story #2 "Romp in the Woods" (1995). Sprinkles is playing with Biscuit and feeding him. Then he decides to take him for a walk. They run into Venison, who is hungry for brains. He takes a bite out of Biscuit, and he and Sprinkles fight. Sprinkles eventually wins and takes Biscuit (who now is missing a chunk of himself) home and gets him a new jar.

Biscuit is mentioned in Short Story #5 "Merry Christmoose" (1995). Sprinkles is out Christmas shopping and he mentions that he bought a little toy castle for Biscuit's jar.

Biscuit also appears in "There's a Moose on our Tree: A Very Special Christmas" (1995). Sprinkles and Jack and Biscuit are out shopping for a Christmas tree at Crazy Willy's Used Tree World. They find one and haggle with Crazy Willy on the price. Sprinkles needs to consult with Biscuit, and Biscuit decides to go for it, so they buy it.