Bob is the muscular and dumb henchman and sidekick of Dr. N. Sane.

Personal InformationEdit

Real Name: Bob (last name unknown)

Group Affiliation: Newer Fantastic 5

Created: in 1992 by Matt Forrestall (name, character) and Michael J. Longo (appearance)

First Appearance: Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Volume 1, Number 4 (1992) (unidentified cameo); The Adventures of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose, Number 4 (1992)

Initial Era Edit

Bob first appears (in the Initial Era) in "Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose" Volume 1, Number 4 (1992), although he is not identified in that comic. In "The Adventures of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose" Number 4, N. Sane and Bob appear again. They meet Ex-Officer Smith and along with Wolverspleen and That Bike Dude, they all decide to be called the Newer Fantastic 5, and vow revenge on Sprinkles. During this meeting, Bob gets distracted by a fly. The fly lands on his mouth and Bob eats it.

In "Sprinkles and Jack" Number 1, the Newer Fantastic 5 confront Sprinkles and Jack as they are trying to escape from Dr. N. Sane's Home for the Mentally Unfit. A fly seems to always be circling Bob now - it's an ongoing sight gag. The Newer Fantastic 5 are defeated by Sprinkles and Jack, and Ex-Officer Smith who switches sides after Dr. N. Sane orders him to shoot Sprinkles and Jack. Bob himself is shot in the leg by Smith. Part of the building is soon after blown up by a time bomb planted by Captain Nutso.

In Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Volume 1, Numbers 28-30, Dr. N. Sane develops a serum that increases strength and makes the subject more controllable. He tests it on Bob, who grows much stronger, and acts as N. Sane's zombie. N. Sane has him kidnap Sprinkles and bring him back to the hideout (which is shown as a medieval castle outside of Quadropolis). Jack sneaks a ride with Bob, but is too late to stop N. Sane from injecting Sprinkles with multiple doses of his drug, causing the moose man to transform into a moose monster. N. Sane wields control over him (at first), but Jack is able to bring Sprinkles back to himself, and the duo defeat N. Sane and Bob, and destroy the rest of his serum.

Digital EraEdit

Bob is referred to, but not shown, in "Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose" Volume 2, #1.