Brown Noser is the sidekick of Mr. Fabulous.

Personal InformationEdit

Real Name: David Ditch

Location: Quadropolis

Created: in 1992 by Matt Forrestall

First Appearance: first mentioned in "Mr. Fabulous" #1 (1992); first seen in "Mr. Fabulous" #2 (1995)

Initial EraEdit

Brown noser

Brown Noser

In the Initial Era, Brown Noser is first mentioned in the teaser line of "Mr. Fabulous" Number 1 (1992). He first appears in "Mr. Fabulous" Number 2 (1995), where amongst a large group of people hoping to be Mr. Fabulous's sidekick, he stands out by offering to lick Mr. F's boots. Brown Noser gets the job, and his first order of business is to disperse the crowd of angry would-be sidekicks.