Captain Nutso

Captain Nutso, sometimes called Capt. Nutso or Cap'n Nutso, is an arch enemy of Sprinkles and Jack. He and his sidekick Spunky are mentally unstable and usually have elaborate plans to get rich or rule the world. Nutso's costume consists of an aluminum foil mask and a bed sheet cape. He has been known to use plastic spoons, forks, knives, and sporks, as well as homemade tasers, as weapons.

Personal InformationEdit

Real Name: Richard Lunie

Partner in Crime: Spunky

Initial EraEdit

Captain Nutso first appears (in the Initial Era) in "Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose" Volume 1, Number 4 as Richard Lunie, and in the next issue, Number 5, in costume as Captain Nutso.

Captain Nutso was locked in a padded cell in Dr. N. Sane's Home for the Mentally Unfit, with Spunky, when he recognized Sprinkles and Jack being admitted, and hatched a plan to escape and get revenge for being arrested in the past by Sprinkles. He attacks a N. Sane worker, stabbing out his eye with a plastic fork, and he and Spunky attack Sprinkles & Jack in their cell. Nutso zaps Jack with a homemade taser, and Sprinkles knocks out Spunky with a sink to the head. Nutso gets the better of Sprinkles and hits him over the head with a mirror. Then he wakes Spunky and the duo escape, leaving the heroes with a time bomb.

In "Sprinkles and Jack" Number 1, Sprinkles and Jack escape the mental institution just before the bomb explodes, destroying part of the building. Ex-Officer Smith, who joined them, plans to capture Captain Nutso to show that he's still a good cop and deserves his job back. Sprinkles and Jack agree to help him. Nutso and Spunky are shown enjoying the criminal life, with piles of money. The local papers carry the stories of Nutso's criminal rampage. This story never got continued (at least in the Initial Era).

In "Legends of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose" Number 1 (1995), Nutso is back. He and Spunky team up with Ben Smiley, a.k.a. McClone to rob a jewelry store. Captain Nutso kills the clerk by stabbing him with a spork. Then Sprinkles and Jack appear. Jack punches Nutso out and Sprinkles is about to attack Spunky when That Bike Dude shows up. This story was to be continued, but there was never an issue #2 of the series.

In "Pocket Villains" Number 1 (1996), Nutso and Spunky rob Deep Pockets Bank and defeat McSpidey with a taser. They then drive off with the money, with plans of building a new lab and new weapons and hiring new cronies.