Captain Plump is an inept police captain who likes pastries more than doing his job.

Personal InformationEdit

Real Name: Unknown

Location: greater Quadropolis

Created: by Michael J. Longo, 1992

First Appearance: Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Volume 1, #16 (1992)

Current Era AppearancesEdit

Character BiographyEdit

Og police

Onion-Girl and the police

Captain Plump, along with Rookie Joe, show up in a strip mall parking lot to stop a kidnapping in progress by Onion-Girl.  They draw their guns on her and order her to put the baby down.  She believes she is saving the baby from harm by removing him from a parked car, and defends herself by blowing onion-breath in the policemen's faces.  This causes them to cry uncontrollably and fall to the ground. ("Cephalopodimus and Onion-Girl" Parts 1 & 2, 2014-2015)
Plump amit

Captain Plump placing his order at the Wiener Wagon

One day, Plump is ordering up a hot dog with all the fixings from Amit at the Wiener Wagon, when he is cut in line by Whipstache.  Plump protests and Whipstache sticks a gun in his face.  Plump is surprised and scared, and runs away. ("Gutterball and Friends" #3, 2015).

Initial EraEdit

Capt plump

Captain Plump

In the Initial Era, Captain Plump first appeared in Sprinkles Volume 1, Number 16. In that story (Issues 16-19), he led a squad into Northwater Woods to capture Sprinkles after he murdered a newscaster. A young cop in the squad, Rookie Joe, kept trying to get the squad to act, while Captain Plump was more concerned with the sugar lumps in his coffee and his choices of muffin. Eventually, Rookie Joe convinces him to act, and the squad surrounds Sprinkles and Jack's cabin, only to have the vigilantes shoot up their police cars and kill most of the squad while making their escape.