Crazy Willy's Used Tree World is a Christmas tree lot in Quadropolis owned and operated by Crazy Willy.

Initial EraEdit

Crazy willy tree world

the entrance to CWUTW

In the Initial Era, Crazy Willy's Used Tree World first appears in "There's a Moose on our Tree: A Very Special Christmas" (1995). Sprinkles and Jack and Biscuit are shopping for a Christmas tree, and they haggle with Crazy Willy. After consulting Biscuit, they decide to buy it. Meanwhile, Anthrax is looking for a tree, and he's mad that there aren't any good ones left. He's about to start breaking stuff when Eggman confronts him. A quick anthrax blast sends Eggman flying, which catches the attention of Sprinkles and Jack. The duo attack Anthrax and "kill" him in Crazy Willy's Used Tree World. Charlie Brown and Schroeder are also there and try to spread the Christmas spirit (and steal Sprinkles and Jack's tree) but Jack shoots Charlie, and Schroeder plays them an outgoing Christmas song on his piano.