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The Current Era of Vigilante Comics (2011-present), along with the Initial Era and the Digital Era, is a continuity of Sprinkles and related comic books. This era includes the latest series of Sprinkles and D.O.P.E. comic books, as well as digital shorts and old fashioned paper drawn comics. This era reflects a reboot of the main characters and a retelling of back stories.


The Current Era currently has two full length, full size comic book series in the works, a set of one-page shorts, comic strips, and some simply drawn books on folded letter sized paper.

Full length comic book series:Edit

Manga Sized comic book series:Edit

  • D.O.P.E. Mini-Comic (in production)

Digital short comics:Edit

Comic Strips:Edit

Old school homemade paper comics:Edit

Mange Sized Trade PaperbacksEdit


Children's Books:Edit


Visit the timeline to see the order in which Current Era comics were released.