The D.O.P.E. Building is the skyscraper headquarters of the D.O.P.E. superhero team. It is located in Quadropolis.

Initial EraEdit

Dope building

D.O.P.E. building

In the Initial Era, the D.O.P.E. building first appears in D.O.P.E. Volume 1, Number 2. The main four members of D.O.P.E. have it built with money donated by the government and big corporations for the creation of the superhero team. It's built in a day. And no sooner after it has been completed, it's attacked, by Peanut Butter and Jelly.

The building features a hangar from where the D.O.P.E. van can fly out.

In issue #12, we see a large assembly hall that is inside the D.O.P.E. building.