DOPE v2 01 cover small

D.O.P.E. #1

"D.O.P.E. Defenders of Planet Earth" Volume 2 is the name of a comic book series in the Current Era that features the superhero team D.O.P.E.

D.O.P.E. (the team) was originally created by Michael J. Longo in 1992, and were featured in the title D.O.P.E. Volume 1 during the Initial Era. Volume 2 is a Current Era reboot of that series, with some changes to the characters, their names and their stories. The new direction for this rebirth was planned in late 2011.

D.O.P.E. Volume 2 is a full length, standard sized comic, and is an ongoing series. The issues are available for purchase online, digitally at comiXology, and digitally as well as physically (printed paper comics) at