Dr. Geneius is Quadropolis' leading geneticist, and he's a villain of Sprinkles.

Personal InformationEdit

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Location: Lives in Quadropolis, has a lab at 92 Lieber St.("Starfish Boy" #2)

Created: in 1993 by Matthew Forrestall

First Appearance: The Adventures of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Number 10.

Powers, Abilities & WeaknessesEdit

  • brilliant geneticist and animal-human genetic tinkerer

Current Era AppearancesEdit

Character BiographyEdit

Dr geneius sb2

Dr. Geneius

Dr. Geneius has posted on gregslist looking for people who wanted to become super. Teenager Ezra Stern answered the ad, and when he showed up at Dr. G's lab, he became a test subject for the doctor. G told him about the amazing regenerative powers of starfish, and quickly strapped the boy down, and hooked him up to electric nodes. As he gassed Ezra, he told the boy he'd be the best thing since spliced bread. Ezra tried to correct him but then was told the doctor was correct by Olaf, a talking loaf of bread.

Geneius conducted his experiment on Ezra, who survived. But then to test if it was a success, he had to cut off the boy's arm, which caused Ezra to black out. However, the experiment was a success, and Ezra became Starfish Boy. (Starfish Boy #2, 2018)

Initial EraEdit

Dr geneius

Dr. Geneius in the Initial Era

In the Initial Era, Dr. Geneius first appeared in The Adventures of Sprinkles The Psychotic Moose Number 10. Cyber Sprinkles had kidnapped Jack and brought him to Geneius's lab. Geneius claims to be the engineer of Sprinkles, and also the savior of Cyber Sprinkles, who was Sprinkles's father. Jack escapes their clutches, with the help of Mentos, and steals Geneius's jet.

Connection to SprinklesEdit

In The Adventures of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Number 11, it is revealed that Dr. Geneius was after Sprinkles's father, Jonathan Sprinkles, for his human / moose experiments. After meeting Dr. N. Sane at a Mad Scientist Convention, Geneius teamed up with the psychiatrist to capture Jonathan. Dr. Geneius then experimented on him, making him think he was a moose. Jonathan escaped, but had changed. He acted on his moose urges, and ultimately mated with a moose, yielding a seemingly human baby, Martin Sprinkles. After a while, Jonathan regained some human thought and went searching for his human wife, only to find Geneius, who was now after his son as well. They had a gun fight and Jonathan was severely injured being shot at least in the eye and shoulder. Geneius saved him but also transformed him into a cyborg moose man - Cyber Sprinkles.

Digital EraEdit

In the Digital Era, Dr. Geneius appears in Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Volume 2, Number 1 (2008). In the epilogue, Dr. Geneius is tinkering somewhere in Quadropolis, when the door to his apartment opens. In walks Buckethead saying "Honey, I'm home!".