The Evil Sorcerer is a magic being interested in nothing but the cinnamon and apple flavored sprinkles in Generally Mills' Cinnamon Apple Cheerihos.

Initial EraEdit

Evil sorcerer
In the Initial Era, the Evil Sorcerer first appears in D.O.P.E. Volume 1, Number 6 (1992). He's attempting to steal the flavorful sprinkles from Cinnamon Apple Cheerihos. Luckily, the president of Generally Mills had called D.O.P.E., and they put their best men on the job - Apples and Cin-a-Man. They raced to the woods in their bowl-car, and defeated the Evil Sorcerer with his own magic rays, using the magnificent leaf of magic repulsion. The ray bounced around and struck the sorcerer, turning him into a carrot.