Flambé is a superhero and a founding member of the team D.O.P.E. His real name is Barry Divo. Barry is a flamboyantly homosexual man who obsesses about his hair and his clothes. Unfortunately, he loses both when he becomes Flambé. As Flambé, his body is naked and covered with a pink flame. (D.O.P.E. Volume 2, Number 1)

Personal InformationEdit

Real Name: Barry Divo

Previously known as: Flaming Idiot (in the Initial Era)

Location: Quadropolis

Age: 23

Group Affiliations: D.O.P.E.

Created: in May 1992 by Michael J. Longo (Flaming Idiot); Changed to Flambe' in November 2011 by Michael J. Longo

First Appearance (as Flaming Idiot): D.O.P.E. Volume 1, #1 (May 1992)

First Appearance (as Flambé): D.O.P.E. Volume 2, #1 (?)

Name PollEdit

As part of the rebirth of D.O.P.E. in the Current Era, Flaming Idiot's name changed to Flambé. What should his name have been changed to?

The poll was created at 18:34 on March 2, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.

Powers, Abilities and WeaknessesEdit

  • Flight
  • Control of fire, able to burn anything with which he comes into contact
  • Can shoot flames from his hands

Current Era AppearancesEdit

Flambé first appears (in the Current Era) in D.O.P.E. Volume 2, Number 1.

Character BiographyEdit

When Barry entered the nuclear radiation cloud in the NEC top secret testing site in the desert, his pants were on fire and he was given superpowers and became Flambé. (D.O.P.E. Volume 2, Number 1).

Initial EraEdit

In the Initial Era (D.O.P.E. Volume 1), the flaming superhero of D.O.P.E. was called the Flaming Idiot, and his real name was Eric Fleming. As part of the reboot for the Current Era, the character was rewritten while mostly keeping his appearance. His body and the flame surrounding him was red in the Initial Era, and is pink in the Current Era.