Herm, in disguise as a guard

Herm is a goon who works for King Crab.

Personal InformationEdit

Real Name: Herm?

Age: 35-40?

Location: Quadropolis, currently in jail

Created: in 2016 by Michael J. Longo

First Appearance: Kid Chameleon (comic book) #1 (Jul 2016)

Current Era AppearancesEdit

Character BiographyEdit

One day, at Hevard University, Herm attacks the friendly guard outside the school's bio-chem lab, Ray, and replaces him. And when a Fed Up truck drives up, Herm stops it, and a group of goons surrounds it. They beat up the driver, and inspect the truck's contents. As Herm walks by the truck, Kid Chameleon, who was blended into the design of the side of the truck, punches him in the face. Some of the other goons console him and ask what happened (since no one can see Kid Chameleon), when Kid Chameleon attacks them, knocking them all down. Another goon comes around the back of the truck and pulls a gun on him. Kid Chameleon grabs him with his long tongue, and swings him around into the last goon standing, knocking them both out. After receiving praise from Ray and Brayden the truck driver, Kid Chameleon sees the crab insignia on the goon's costumes, and states that he needs to find out what's going on. While they were distracted, Herm escapes. (Kid Chameleon #1, 2016)

He reports back to his boss, King Crab, who is not happy. He sends Herm, along with Stone and Fiddler back to Hevard to capture the Psoralazide. They go, and take hostages and secure the chemical, but end up surrounded by the police. Then, Kid Chameleon gets into the biochem lab and defeats the three henchmen. He then ties them up for the police to arrest. (Kid Chameleon #2, 2018)