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The Initial Era of Vigilante Comics (1992-2000), along with the Digital Era and the Current Era, is a continuity of Sprinkles and related comic books. This era includes the first series of Sprinkles and D.O.P.E. comic books as well as many many other series and one-shot comics, over 100 comics in total. Many of these stories were written while the creators were in high school and the artwork, plots and dialogue reflect that.


The Initial Era has a wealth of comics, as the creators were at their most productive (ahh, the free time when you're a teenager).

Comic SeriesEdit

Here is a list of the comic book series created during this era:</span>


There were also many one-shot comics, either a single comic book, or a comic strip from the pages of a notebook. These include:

Other MediaEdit

A partial movie script was written but never produced. Elements of this script would be used in later eras:

Unrelated ComicsEdit

And there were several titles produced that were not in the same continuity as Sprinkles:

Unfinished ProjectsEdit

There were additional, planned titles that never saw their first issue:

  • "Bloodshed" - a serious superhero team book planned by Mike Longo
  • "Strikers" - a three person vigilante team book planned by Mike Longo. The cover and several pages of issue #1 were done but the book was never completed.
  • "M.O.O.S." - a team book planned by Matt Forrestall
  • "Henry and George" - a duo book planned by Matt Forrestall
  • "D.O.P.E." (mag sized comic) - a large size 8.5x11 comic planned by Mike Longo.