Quadropolis skyline

Quadropolis skyline

Quadropolis is the fictional American city in which many of the stories of Sprinkles takes place.  It's nickname is "The City of Heroes" since it has a high amount of super-powered individuals. McSpideyCo and D.O.P.E. are based in Quadropolis.


Quadropolis is situated between and around two rivers - the Long River and the Forrest River.

It is broken down into four boroughs. (Deathshade: Demon Child).



Quadropolis became a big city about a century ago, on the backs of immigrants and hard working Americans. It provided hope of prosperity for all. And it did prosper, as did its inhabitants. That is, until the unrest of the 60s and 70s. Poverty and crime increased. Then the Superhero Emergence happened in the early 80s, with more and more superheroes emerging. These superheroes became celebrities, as they battled criminals and villains in the city, and made the populace feel safe. Over time, the heroes became lazier and inefficient at fighting crime, but better and better at branding themselves. The people still felt safe because they read about the heroes keeping them safe. But crime has actually increased in the past two decades. Now there are more heroes than ever, some even second generation heroes, yet crime continues to grow. (Deathshade: Demon Child)

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Current EraEdit

In the Current Era, Quadropolis is the location of many stories:

Initial EraEdit

Quadropolis is the site of all the Mr. Fabulous, D.O.P.E. and W.O.R.D. stories. Sprinkles's stories have him going from the woods to the city separately... in Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Volume 1, Number 20, and in The Adventures of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Number 10.


Quadropolis, in Sprinkles Vol. 1


Quadropolis in Adventures of Sprinkles

Digital EraEdit

In the Digital Era, Quadropolis is the location of all the events in Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Volume 2, Number 1.