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This Wiki contains information about the Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose and related comic books, and all the characters, stories and entities within them, published by Vigilante Comics and related companies. The intent is to have an interactive database of all the crazy people, places and things in the Sprinkles universe and how they are connected.

Silver AnniversaryEdit

2017 marked the 25th anniversary of Vigilante Comics. Many of the iconic characters, like Sprinkles and D.O.P.E. and their cohorts and adversaries, were created back in 1992. The anniversary was marked by a logo on the cover of books produced that year.


Note that over the years, the creators have had several rebirths of characters/stories. Essentially there are three canonical eras into which all the comics and stories can be organized. Only the current era will be considered official canon in the Sprinkles universe, although information from the previous eras will be provided in this wiki.

  • The Initial Era (1992-2000) - This era includes the first series of Sprinkles (The Adventures of Sprinkles and Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose, Volume 1, and D.O.P.E. comic books as well as many many other series and one-shot comics. Many of these stories were written while the creators were in high school and the artwork, plots and dialogue reflect that.
  • The Digital Era (2000-2010) - This was Matt Forrestall's first rebirth of the Sprinkles character. One digital comic was produced, Sprinkles Volume 2, Number 1, although others were planned. Also during this period, preparation work was done for a Flash-based Sprinkles animated cartoon that was ultimately never completed. However, an entire season of 8 episodes was mapped out with a few of them fully scripted. As the cartoon and comic were both reboots, and had a different origin story for Sprinkles, this is considered a separate era.
  • The Current Era (2011-present) - This is the current reboot of both Sprinkles and D.O.P.E. Matt has envisioned whole seasons of Sprinkles stories, and Mike has taken the opportunity to redesign and tweak the D.O.P.E. stories and characters. Many of those from the Initial Era will be given a new lease on life in this era. Sprinkles Volume 3 and D.O.P.E. Volume 2 will be the flagship titles of this era, but there may very well be more titles and one-shots. Due to the rebirth of several characters and the retelling of many important backstories, only the stories in this era can be considered official canon in the Sprinkles universe.

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